Unity of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus Christ

The reason for composing this Article is to convince individuals to understand reality with regards to making solidarity in all the houses of worship of Jesus Christ in our Cities, in our state and areas and in our nations and countries. Presently that does not imply that we need to concur with what everybody says, similar to lets all get along and it’s alright on the off chance that we continue living in a little sin to a great extent, we should be in solidarity and simultaneously request benevolence and apologize when we sin so we can develop nearer to Christ resemblance.

Besides, the most significant motivation behind why raising the idea of Solidarity in all the chapels is on the grounds that eventually the Holy Spirit has been showing me more love and cherishing each other regardless of whether or when it appears to be troublesome or incomprehensible, accept that is one incredible attributes of a genuine Christian Other than did not Jesus say to adore your foes? In Luke part 6, however state to you who hear: Love your foes, do great to the individuals who scorn you, favor the individuals who revile you, and appeal to God for the individuals who angrily use you.


In the event that that is the case the amount more should we love our Christian siblings and sisters. So please let me know, for what reason are there divisions in theĀ Shincheonji Church of Jesus Christ and not Unity? Well the greatest reason individuals are concocting predominantly has to do with conventions, one church not concurring with ones principle or educating, and can thoroughly observe their point we should avoid toxic tenets or lessons yet most importantly we should not let this different us from the group of Christ, so to me it’s a greater amount of a reason instead of a solid point.

Trust you concur with me that regardless of whether Jesus was here with us in the physical, he presumably would not be satisfied with the detachment that is occurring in the collection of Christ. Christianity should not be any more muddled than figuring out how to cherish each other, keeping the laws that Christ himself has been training us remembering the rule of Christ for Mark. And you will cherish the lord your God with everything that is in you, with your entire being, with all your brain, and with all your strength. This is the main rule. And the second, similar to it, is this: ‘You will adore your neighbor as yourself. There is no other charge more noteworthy than these.